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Nov 08

Album Review: Xanadoo/Fastkill – Thrashing in the East

Xanadoo-Fastkill - Thrashing in the East

Xanadoo/Fastkill [Singapore/Japan]
Thrashing in the East
Nuclear Gaichal Recordings
Thrash Metal

Thrashing in the East presents two of my favourite Asian thrash metal bands on one CD, with Singapore’s Xanadoo and Japan’s Fastkill coming together to provide 8 tracks of good, thrashing fun. Xanadoo‘s 2010 debut full length album Black.Death.Grind.Shit! contained …

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Nov 01

Heavy Metal Tribune Issue 4 (November 2012)

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OUT NOW: The fourth (November 2012) issue of Heavy Metal Tribune!

This month we talk to Dagon, mastermind behind the cult black metal band Inquisition to learn more about the history of the ancient cult, and their evolution over the years. Rob Moschetti then tells us more about the project featuring Exodus‘ Rob Dukes, Generation Kill. Polish …

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May 06

Guttered Down The Gutters: Xanadoo


This month, we gutter 3 young bloods full of rage in the heart of a shopping mall.

Xanadoo is when three random dudes with hair growing rage that is triggered by the extreme euphoria from being temporarily released from the clutches of our military forces.
(I know, that sentence is too much to digest, …

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May 04

Album Review: Xanadoo – Black. Death. Grind. Shit!


Black. Death. Grind. Shit!
Full Length
Thrash Metal/Crossover

Black. Death. Grind. Shit! is Xanadoo’s latest output and the band’s debut full-length album. Consisting of 8 tracks, this album clocks under 30 minutes, of which 6 are tracks that are re-recorded versions of their previous 2 demos, Blood is …

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Feb 28

Views From the Pit: Mass Ritual 2


Mass Ritual 2 is the first proper gig for me in almost 4 months. After a one and a half hour wait outside Blackhole, the ritual finally began. It kicked off with an initiation with incense and chanting, with gig organizer Jaarvis drinking a cup of blood-looking fluid. Thereafter, Abyssal [7]kicked off with their …

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