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Aug 16

Album Review: Broozer – 12.04.12

Broozer - 12.04.12

Broozer [Australia]
Full Length
Grindhead Records
Sludge Metal

I half-expected an amateur-sounding brutal death metal band when looking at the gory, gruesome artwork on Broozer‘s debut full lenth, 12.04.12. But this Australian outfit’s musical style can’t be further from this initial expectation of mine.

Instead, Broozer‘s 12.04.12 is 34 minutes of …

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Jun 14

Album Review: Konkeror – The Abysmal Horizons

Konkeror - The Abysmal Horizons

Konkeror [USA]
The Abysmal Horizons
Full Length
Lacerated Enemy Records
Progressive Death Metal

2 years after its original release, progressive death metallers Konkeror‘s debut full length album The Abysmal Horizons finally gets reissue treatment via Lacerated Enemy Records. Complete with a refreshed cover artwork and a bonus Bolt Thrower cover …

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Mar 29

Album Review: Bloodshed Walhalla – The Battle Will Never End

Bloodshed Walhalla - The Battle Will Never End

Bloodshed Walhalla [Italy]
The Battle will Never End
Full Length
Fog Foundation
Viking Metal

With a name like Bloodshed Walhalla, anyone familiar with the history of extreme metal would already know what to expect from this Italian viking metal horde. Band mastermind Drakhen also doesn’t shy away from proudly …

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Mar 05

Album Review: Cognizance – Inquisition

Cognizance - Inquisition

Cognizance [UK]
Lacerated Enemy Records
Technical Death Metal

UK technical death metal outfit Cognizance may effectively be just a duo behind the band, but on their debut EP Inquisition the band has a whole host of guest musicians to make their first release one that is equally skull-crushingly …

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Mar 03

Album Review: Unscarred – Fake Democracy

Unscarred - Fake Democracy

Unscarred [France]
Fake Democracy
Contorted Records
Thrash Metal

I’ve heard enough black and death metal from France to know how weird (or experimental, if you prefer) they can get if the French set their minds to it. Yet thrash is a genre that I hardly hear from …

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