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Oct 30

Album Review: Deprecated – Deriding His Creation

Deriding 2013 Sleeve Covers

Deprecated [USA]
Deriding His Creation
Unique Leader Records
Brutal Death Metal

Deprecated is a band that needs no introduction for fans of brutal death metal, with the band featuring members of some of the most high profile bands in the genre, including Suffocation, Decrepit Birth and Disgorge. The band’s “reactivation” …

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Mar 27

Album Review: Bruce Dickinson – The Chemical Wedding


Bruce Dickinson [UK]
The Chemical Wedding
Full Length
Air Raid Records
Heavy Metal

Ever since the discovery of Iron Maiden, they have been my personal favourite band of all time. However, 1994-1998 marked some of my least favourite years of the band, not only with the departure of guitarist Adrian Smith (which resulted in …

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Jan 06

Album Review: Astrofaes – Dying Emotions Domain


Astrofaes [Ukraine]
Dying Emotions Domain
1998/2011 (Reissue)
Full Length
Ancient Nation Productions/Negative Existence (2011 reissue)
Black Metal

Ukraine has certainly been a surprising country for extreme metal recently, with excellent acts like Raventale releasing albums, helping to put their country on the international extreme metal map. Negative Existence recently reissued Astrofaes‘ …

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Jan 13

Album Review: X Japan – Art of Life (Live)


X Japan [Japan]
Art of Life Live
Power Metal

X Japan has personally always been one of the bands that I respect the most. While they have always dressed in an extreme manner (like how most Visual Kei bands nowadays do), they were undoubtedly one of the …

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