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Apr 18

Album Review: Satanic Warmaster – Nachzehrer

Satanic Warmaster - Nachzehrer

Satanic Warmaster [Finland]
2010/2014 (PLP Reissue)
Full Length
Werewolf Records/Hells Headbangers
Black Metal

Satanic Warmaster, one of the first black metal bands that I got really obsessed with early into my foray into the genre. Carelian Satanist Madness was one of the very first blind buys that I made, …

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Mar 19

Album Review: Ormgård – Ormblot

Ormgard - Ormblot

Ormgård [Sweden]
2011/2014 (Reissue)
Scythe of Death Productions/Forever Plagued Records
Black Metal

While Sweden’s Ormgård has now been in existence for more than 12 years, it wasn’t until the band’s 2011 demo Ormblot that they really managed to garner some attention. With Ormblot garnering critical acclaims and comparisons to various black …

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Feb 23

Album Review: Adramelech – Psychostasia

Adramelech - Psychostasia

Adramelech [Finland]
1996/2014 (Reissue)
Full Length
Repulse Records/Xtreem Music(Reissue)
Death Metal

Adramelech was one of those names that I have heard being thrown around since my fascination with Finnish death metal began 2 years ago, and having encountered the likes of Demilich, Convulse and Purtenance, it wasn’t until this year that …

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Feb 16

Album Review: Exhumation – Hymn to Your God

Exhumation [Indonesia]
Hymn to Your God
2012/2013 (Reissue)
Full Length
Dunkelheit Produktionen
Death Metal

Of all the extreme metal genres out of Indonesia, death metal in particular has caught my attention, with bands such as Siksakubur unleashing some of the most brutal releases from the region, to bands like Deadsquad and …

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Feb 02

Album Review: Krieg – Blue Miasma

Krieg - Blue Miasma

Krieg [USA]
Blue Miasma
Full Length
No Colours Records/Forever Plagued Records (reissue)
Black Metal

Never really a fan of American black metal, I have heard the name of Krieg being thrown around quite often by friends who were into the genre, but never really bothered checking them out. …

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