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Heavy Metal Tribune #013

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OUT NOW: Heavy Metal Tribune #013

Returning after a 7-year long wait since their last album, Fields of Rot, Norwegian black/thrashers Nocturnal Breed grace our cover, with band mastermind S.A. Destroyer giving us a peek behind the scenes on what went on in the writing of their latest album, Napalm Nights.

In our chat with Matti and Jyri of old school Finnish death metallers Corpsessed, we uncover the history behind the band and their insights on the recent rapid growth of the Finnish death metal scene.

The departure of the Hoffman brothers from Deicide also marked the revival of Amon. While the band’s last release prior to the hiatus was in the 1989 demo, SacrificialAmon returns stronger than ever, and brothers Eric and Brian finally get to show their technical flair on their latest album Liar in Wait. Eric Hoffman, one half of the axe-wielding brothers gives us a short history lesson on Amon.

Marco’s reputation as ex-Blasphemy guitarist (aka The Traditional Sodomizer of the Goddess of Perversity), with even a track by the Ross Bay legends written in his honour (Goddess of Perversity off Fallen Angel of Doom), fans would expect Tyrants Blood to be equally bestial to Blasphemy‘s trademark war metal style. But Into the Kingdom of Graves proved to be a different breed of monster, and unlike previous releases of Tyrants BloodInto the Kingdom of Graves is a much more technically challenging release. Marco explains the difference in stylistics to previous Tyrants Blood releases, as well as his performance in Blapshemy.

Oriental extreme metal has quickly gained a foothold internationally, with ChthoniC amassing a sizeable fanbase. Over at Hong Kong, Evocation is slowly building up their brand of melodic extremity, and with comparisons of their newest album, Abracadabra to the early works of ChthoniC and Anthelion, the band is ready to leave their mark in the international metal scene. Tomy, guitarist and vocalist of Evocation, tells us what sets their band apart from other bands out of the region.

Swedish black metal band Necrophobic closes the 13th issue of Heavy Metal Tribune. In our second ever chat with Joakim, he explains the return of the style on their latest album, Womb of Lilithu to the one that fans of Hrimthursum are familiar with, as well as their quest in finding the void that has been left from the departure of Robert Sennebäck. (Read our previous interview with Joakim, conducted in 2010 right here.)

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Apr 19

Album Review: Evilnight – Stormhymns of Filth

Evilnight - Stormhymns of Filth

Evilnight [Finland]
Stormhymns of Filth
Hells Headbangers
Black/Speed Metal

Out of Finland comes yet another evil as fuck band, and Evilnight‘s name just says it all. Stormhymns of Filth is the band’s second demo in 2 years, and one who knows their metal would instinctively know what Evilnight has put in place for those that have had the fortune to chance upon them – filthy, old-school blackened speed metal.

Right from the first riffs of Evil Knight, one already knows what to expect, and the old school sound quickly brings one back to the early 80s with the forefathers of black metal, Venom. But to give a more contemporary example of Evilnight‘s sound, one just has to look over at Japan, as the vocals of Samuel L. Saxon, the high octane riffing of Ron Heresy and Hell Gibson, along with that intentionally (and somewhat sloppy) drumming of Dr. Necrophil all reminds one of the output of bands such as Abigail and Barbatos (one could almost imagine the broken and drunken English of Yasuyuki on songs like Leather Bitch). The thrashy, and at times punkish edge that the band puts in also brings about some Tiger Junkies comparison, and moments such as these, with the fusion of speed metal and black metal, one also can’t help but think of projects of Joel Grind such as Toxic Holocaust, or the cult band Syphilitic Vaginas.

But the key attraction over here personally are the leads that are littered on the album, not overly complicated yet maintaining that sense of groove and catchiness throughout. The band even pays tribute to Slayer on the track Turbofuck, with the inclusion of the intro riffs of Raining Blood in the middle of the track before going back to their full forced blasphemous, rock ‘n’ roll onslaught. The sleaziness that is on the record can also be heard on the spoken samples included at the intro of Dykes on Bikes, displaying the tongue-in-cheek approach that the band takes at times.

The production on Stormhymns of Filth is also extremely raw, which works in favour for the band’s style and this release. While being a demo, there is no compromise on the intensity and fury that the band exhibits, making Evilnight‘s Stormhymns of Filth being one that is extremely enjoyable and memorable.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Evilnight on the internet:
Hells Headbangers

Apr 19

Album Review: Aratron – The Recovery

Aratron - The Recovery

Aratron [Netherlands]
The Recovery
Death Metal

Aratron was formed all the way back in 2000, but went on a rather long hiatus 2 mere years after their formation. In 2008, the band returned to the Dutch death metal circuit once more, releasing their first recordings in the form of their 2010 demo, Horrifying Visions. Last year saw the band releasing their second demo, The Recovery, unleashing their brand of death metal to fans of Dutch extremity.

Kicking off with the title track, the riffs of Maurice Sas is immediately familiar, and Aratron quickly displays the slight blackened influences that they have in their songwriting, with the melody sounding almost like a death metal version of Mayhem‘s Freezing Moon. But obviously, things here are more brutal than cold, and the blood-drenched vocals of Ronald van Baren bear a rather strong resemblance to Swedish metallers Amon Amarth, though musically, Aratron‘s style is rather different with the heavy trem-picked onslaught being more reminiscent of Incantation and the likes through the creation of the constant high tension that is in the air. At the same time, the band also includes some rather thrashy moments on The Recovery, and songs like Cause of Death also brings in some similarities with compatriots Asphyx, providing some nice headbanging, moshing moments.

Aratron‘s second demo has gone to prove what these Dutch are capable of. With the brashness and that old-school vibe that Aratron has managed to conjure, some comparisons to the recent Gravehill release could be drawn, satisfying fans of the old-school.

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Aratron on the internet:
Official website

Apr 19

EDGUY: Entire ‘Space Police – Defenders Of The Crown’ Album Available For Streaming

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“Space Police – Defenders Of The Crown”, the tenth studio album from German melodic metallers EDGUY, can be streamed in its entirety using the SoundCloud widget at this location. The effort will be released on April 18 via Nuclear Blast. In addition to the regular CD edition, the follow-up to 2011′s “Age Of The Joker” will be made available as a limited digibook containing two CDs. Also available will be a strictly limited hardcover earbook collectors’ edition (28.5×28.5cm) containing the two discs, a photographic history with more than 130 photos from the band’s archive, liner notes, touring history, and more.

In a recent interview with RockRevolt magazine, Sammet stated about the making of “Space Police – Defenders Of The Crown”: “I had been doing this huge tour with my all-star project AVANTASIA, playing three continents with a 12-piece band. When I came back [home] in August 2013, it just felt great to get back in the studio and write something to the point. No sophisticated TRANS-SIBERIAN-esque rock opera with conceptual stuff and guest vocals; I just wanted to produce a high-velocity heavy metal album with my bandmates. I guess the starvation for that turned the album into the monster it has become. It is so fresh, so heavy, so anthemic, the playing and production are outstanding, I guess it was because we forced a very tight schedule upon us, so we didn’t have too much time to doubt, second-guess or fix things that didn’t need to be retouched.”

He added: “I really love the album; it’s got so many beautiful details, so many smart elements, but down the line, it comes over you like a tank. I love it, and yes, I knew if we’d channel our skills, we could come up with something. This band has been existing for more than 22 years, and we still haven’t reached our peak in a creative way.”

“Space Police – Defenders Of The Crown” track listing:

01. Sabre & Torch
02. Space Police
03. Defenders Of The Crown
04. Love Tyger
05. The Realms Of Baba Yaga
06. Rock Me Amadeus
07. Do Me Like A Caveman
08. Shadow Eaters
09. Alone In Myself
10. The Eternal Wayfarer

Bonus disc track listing:

01. England
02. Aychim In Hysteria
03. Space Police (progressive version)
04. Space Police (instrumental version)
05. Love Tyger (instrumental version)
06. Defenders Of The Crown (instrumental version)
07. Do Me Like A Caveman (instrumental version)


Edguy - Space Police

Apr 18

Album Review: Satanic Warmaster – Nachzehrer

Satanic Warmaster - Nachzehrer

Satanic Warmaster [Finland]
2010/2014 (PLP Reissue)
Full Length
Werewolf Records/Hells Headbangers
Black Metal

Satanic Warmaster, one of the first black metal bands that I got really obsessed with early into my foray into the genre. Carelian Satanist Madness was one of the very first blind buys that I made, and suffice to say, Satanic Warmaster was easily the band that got me really into the genre, along with making Finland the favourite source of black metal for me.

Nachzehrer, originally released in 2010, gets the picture LP treatment this year under Hells Headbangers. While receiving much flak from fans of the band, Nachzehrer ranks as one of my personal favourite albums, along with releases from compatriots SargeistHorna and Behexen. Following what the band had set down 5 years earlier, Nachzehrer is a raw as fuck effort, and right from the get go it is obvious that Satanic Warmaster harbours not a single intention in reinventing the genre, being satisfied with releasing black metal the way it was intended to be – harsh, cold and raw. The opening Intro sets the ominous mood that will last for the entirety of Nachzehrer, and things get grim quickly enough as the band goes into Satan’s Werewolf, and one instantly feels the coldness that emanates from the material of the band.

On Nachzehrer, everything screams Finnish from the riffs that are unleashed to the relentless atmosphere that is on the album. On top of the usual fare that Satanic Warmaster provides, band mastermind Werwolf even includes chaotic guitar solos on the album, making things even more uneasy for the listener. Werwolf’s trademark blood-curdling shrieks are taken a notch higher over here, and slower tracks like Rotting Raven’s Blood even see him using inhuman screeches, sending shivers down one’s back.

The entire album progression is well thought-out, with the slower tracks on the album, Rotting Raven’s Blood and the ambient track Utug-Hul being placed towards the end of the album, and as one listens to the album one instinctively knows that things are coming to a grim end. The one thing that made me like Carelian Satanist Madness was in how Satanic Warmaster ends their album, and Utug-Hul in particular stood out from the rest of the album, with the spoken chants of Werwolf, giving a somewhat pagan touch.

As already mentioned, Werwolf and Satanic Warmaster are not out to innovate the genre, and Nachzehrer is good proof and a nice sample of the band’s work – true underground, satanic black metal.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Satanic Warmaster on the internet:
Werewolf Records
Hells Headbangers

Apr 18

Album Review: Acid Witch/Nunslaughter – Spooky

Acid Witch - Nunslaughter - Spooky

Acid Witch/Nunslaughter [USA]
Hells Headbangers
Death/Doom Metal

In keeping up with the trend of horror and spookiness, this year sees the union of two of Hells Headbangers’ most evil bands, Acid Witch and Nunslaughter in a split 7″, simply entitled Spooky.

It has been a long while since I last listened to Acid Witch, so listening to Spooky was definitely a nice, nostalgic experience. They kick off with Evil, and the sound of the band is instantly recognisable, with their unique fusion of death metal and doom metal through that nice usage of the synths and organs to create a haunting and chilling backdrop for the slow, crushing riffs, sounding like a more ritualistic version of bands like Druid Lord.

Acid Witch then passes the baton to Nunslaughter, who hits the listeners with the more conventional death metal of Spooky TailsNunslaughter‘s similarities to bands such as Incantation are rather obvious, and on Spooky Tails, the band displays a somewhat slower side of their songwriting with that doomish influence that the band has put into the writing of the track. On the other hand, A Sordid Past sees Nunslaughter going back to business as usual as they suddenly go into high gear, with even a slight grindish touch of bands like Autopsy over here. Finally, Acid Witch closes the album with Fiends of Old, which is easily one of the heaviest tracks that the band has ever produced, with the rather groovy riffing adding a nice death ‘n’ roll touch not unlike that of Entombed or Feral. The spoken sample at the start of the track even gives a nice summary of the fear that the mainstream has for the metal genre, making it a fitting end to this split.

Spooky might be an extremely short release, but the effectiveness of the tracks over here by both Acid Witch and Nunslaughter is obvious, and the haunting effect will surely leave fans of horror coming back for more, with Spooky being a nice, suitable soundtrack for any b-grade horror movie.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Acid Witch on the internet:

Nunslaughter on the internet:
Official website

Hells Headbangers

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