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Returning after a 7-year long wait since their last album, Fields of Rot, Norwegian black/thrashers Nocturnal Breed grace our cover, with band mastermind S.A. Destroyer giving us a peek behind the scenes on what went on in the writing of their latest album, Napalm Nights.

In our chat with Matti and Jyri of old school Finnish death metallers Corpsessed, we uncover the history behind the band and their insights on the recent rapid growth of the Finnish death metal scene.

The departure of the Hoffman brothers from Deicide also marked the revival of Amon. While the band’s last release prior to the hiatus was in the 1989 demo, SacrificialAmon returns stronger than ever, and brothers Eric and Brian finally get to show their technical flair on their latest album Liar in Wait. Eric Hoffman, one half of the axe-wielding brothers gives us a short history lesson on Amon.

Marco’s reputation as ex-Blasphemy guitarist (aka The Traditional Sodomizer of the Goddess of Perversity), with even a track by the Ross Bay legends written in his honour (Goddess of Perversity off Fallen Angel of Doom), fans would expect Tyrants Blood to be equally bestial to Blasphemy‘s trademark war metal style. But Into the Kingdom of Graves proved to be a different breed of monster, and unlike previous releases of Tyrants BloodInto the Kingdom of Graves is a much more technically challenging release. Marco explains the difference in stylistics to previous Tyrants Blood releases, as well as his performance in Blapshemy.

Oriental extreme metal has quickly gained a foothold internationally, with ChthoniC amassing a sizeable fanbase. Over at Hong Kong, Evocation is slowly building up their brand of melodic extremity, and with comparisons of their newest album, Abracadabra to the early works of ChthoniC and Anthelion, the band is ready to leave their mark in the international metal scene. Tomy, guitarist and vocalist of Evocation, tells us what sets their band apart from other bands out of the region.

Swedish black metal band Necrophobic closes the 13th issue of Heavy Metal Tribune. In our second ever chat with Joakim, he explains the return of the style on their latest album, Womb of Lilithu to the one that fans of Hrimthursum are familiar with, as well as their quest in finding the void that has been left from the departure of Robert Sennebäck. (Read our previous interview with Joakim, conducted in 2010 right here.)

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