Interview with Den Saakaldte


This interview comes in a bit late, being conducted back in April as Norwegian black metal band Den Saakaldte prepared for the release of their latest opus, Kapittel II: Faen i Helvete. Aside from the band’s Shining influences, along with the weird-fuckery that was on their previous release, All Hail Pessimism (which reminded me strongly of Japanese weirdos Sigh), the band goes back to their roots this time, and one can spot influences from compatriots Mayhem to the earlier works of bands like Ragnarok and Setherial on Kapittel II. Sykelig, founding member of the band enlightens us and tells us more about the creative process behind the album.

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Soundchaser - Changes Part I

Album Review: Soundchaser – Changes Part I: The Betrayed

Soundchaser [Belgium]
Changes Part I: The Betrayed
Full Length
Heavy Metal

Belgium heavy metal band Soundchaser‘s sophomore full length effort, Changes Part I: The Betrayed got me rather intrigued, with the album broken down into four main acts, yet at the same time the rather weird, short track titles on …

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Lurking Evil - The Almighty Hordes of the Undead

Album Review: Lurking Evil – The Almighty Hordes of the Undead

Lurking Evil [Spain]
The Almighty Hordes of the Undead
Full Length
Razorback Recordings
Black/Thrash Metal/Punk

Spain has spat forth numerous impressive death metal acts, with the death metal scene strengthened by the likes of Xtreem Music and the various musical explorations of Dave Rotten. Lurking Evil may not be …

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Broozer - 12.04.12

Album Review: Broozer – 12.04.12

Broozer [Australia]
Full Length
Grindhead Records
Sludge Metal

I half-expected an amateur-sounding brutal death metal band when looking at the gory, gruesome artwork on Broozer‘s debut full lenth, 12.04.12. But this Australian outfit’s musical style can’t be further from this initial expectation of mine.

Instead, Broozer‘s 12.04.12 is 34 minutes of …

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HORNED ALMIGHTY - World of Tombs

Album Review: Horned Almighty – World of Tombs

Horned Almighty [Denmark]
World of Tombs
Full Length
Scarlet Records
Black Metal

With the past 2 albums being rather successful and garnering critical acclaim, one wonders what else Denmark’s Horned Almighty has in place for fans with their new album, World of Tombs. Unlike Contaminating the Divine and Necro Spirituals which were released a …

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